Halloween 2002 Notes from the builders.
Stephen B & David L Campbell


Campbellween.comI am sorry to say that there is no haunt in Florida from me this year, we recently moved and there is just not the time to get the haunt setup in time for Halloween this year.  I did however build this website instead.  But there is a Campbellween haunt this year since my brother in Glens Falls NY has built his this year. From what I have seen so far it will be as good or better as what I could do.  This haunt is a very detailed graveyard site which has been built a week in advance of Halloween so everyone can have a chance of seeing the haunt. It has been listed on the front page of the cities local paper and from the outcome so far has been a success.  It seems that he has been doing a haunt for three years now but I have just found out about it. Next year should be a great Halloween in New York and Florida so look for updates as they come to this site.

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