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Calling Card (2.38MB/16 min)
The Grave Rats (2.31MB/16 min)
Something Must Be Done (1.98MB/14 min)
Riders (4.91MB/34 min)
Casting The Ruins (6.53MB/45 min)
Small Assassins (6.25MB/43 min)
The Sticks (7.14MB/49 min)
The Coin of the realm (3.94MB/28 min)
Yours Truly: Jack The Ripper (5.96MB/41 min)
The Viaduct (5.65MB/39 min)


 FIRST ever test recording for the Disney Haunted Mansion<never used>(2.1 MB)
The story of the HAUNTED MANSION (10.2 MB)
Recording of the original Hunted Mansion soundtrack(11.5 MB)
ORIGINAL Madam Leona (2.11 MB)